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Experience Postgrad Life Sciences

Enhancing diversity among life scientists of the future
2023 EPLS Interns

Experience Postgrad Life Sciences Summer Internship 2023

In July 2023 we welcomed the third cohort of summer interns on the Experience Postgrad Life Sciences internship programme. The undergraduate students joined us from 10th July until 1st September, and lived together for the summer in accommodation generously provided by Corpus Christi College. The interns worked in various research labs and projects across the Schools of Biological Sciences and Clinical Medicine.  

As well as completing their 8-week lab projects, the interns attended additional skills training seminars each week. These interactive seminars were provided by a range of PIs and postgraduate students, and ranged from communication skills to careers discussions and application & interview coaching. The also completed a course on Data Visualisation and Figure Design using R.

The interns were supported throughout the programme by a group of PhD student mentors studying at Corpus Christi. The mentors provided peer support, helped the interns navigate postgraduate life, and arranged social activities for the group. 

In the final week, we held an in-person symposium where all interns gave a short presentation on their research project.