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Experience Postgrad Life Sciences

Enhancing diversity among life scientists of the future

Feedback from the interns: Summer 2021

What they enjoyed about the experience

Working in the lab and growing my confidence in working independently but also working with others to reach a common goal. My supervisor has been excellent in finding the right balance ... pushing me and leaving room for guidance as well.
Working with my team, they were all so lovely and understanding. Meeting some great friends, I know I will stay in touch with a few of the other interns.
All the staff and mentors involved have been so supportive and helpful. I valued hearing about different career options after a PhD.
I got the chance to use different techniques and understand the concept deeply.
The most positive aspect for me was that once in the lab I felt like my PI was super helpful and understanding of the fact that whilst I am here to see what research is like I am still only an undergrad.
My supervisor fostered a nurturing environment that enabled me to grow in confidence throughout the course of my time at Cambridge. My supervisor has a very unassuming way of teaching and was able to tailor explanations of concepts according to my level of comprehension. This is something I was appreciative of because I recognise not everyone has this skill - to impart knowledge to an individual in an unprejudiced way.
This experience has informed my future career aspirations and allowed me an immense appreciation of the effort scientists put into their work and most importantly that I could see myself in a career that requires post-graduate education.
Many of my peers on this programme, like me, have had to face incredibly challenging situations and despite that, they still smile and make the most out of life - I've found other peoples’ unending grit to be particularly courageous and inspiring.
Really enjoyed all of the networking events - great to get to talk to such a wide range of people and listen to them talk about their science. Really enjoyed the symposium too.
The people in my lab made me feel very welcome and I learnt something new every day.
This had been the highlight of my undergraduate degree so far! The best decision that I have ever made was to apply to this programme. I have learned so much since the first day from programme leaders, my cohort and lab team. They all have made a huge impact on me, which will be influential in my future career direction. This was a platform of myth busting and a platform of opportunities. I am very grateful for the programme organisers, mentors and all the others from Cambridge University who made this possible.